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Roofing Services Inc. Roofer Hero is the uncontested Laguna Beach roofing leader in ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing systems. We strongly believe that EPDM roofing systems offer several benefits over its Laguna Beach roofing counterparts.

For instance, Roofing Services Inc. Roofer Hero believes that EPDM roofing is ideal for low slope roofing, whether it be a new roof or a re-roofing application. Moreover, we are impressed by the versatility, durability, design, and ease of use of EPDM roofing materials. In addition, we use a synthetic rubber compound for our EPDM roofing systems due to its demonstrated resistance against climatic heat, cold, and wind conditions.

Furthermore, EPDM is a one-ply roofing system that is currently the most popular roofing system for low slope roofing in the commercial and industrial Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach communities. Moreover, studies have shown that the typical lifespan of EPDM based roofing applications is 20 years. In addition, EPDM has been used for over half a century for industrial and commercial Laguna Beach roofing needs and is an established and respected roofing system. In fact, we would recommend the EPDM roofing system if your establishment suffers from rafter leakage, failing joints, or weathering issues.

In addition, Roofing Services Inc. Roofer Hero would recommend EPDM roofing systems due to their inexpensiveness, ease of application, and repair. We also value the cleanliness and lack of irritants that are packaged with an EPDM system. In effect, you will never have to worry about toxic fumes affecting the value of your commercial or industrial establishment.

Moreover, at Roofing Services Inc. Roofer Hero EPDM is available in both a cured (vulcanized) and non-cured (non-vulcanized) form, as well as reinforced and unreinforced variants. We generally use the vulcanized form, while we tend to use the non-vulcanized form of EPDM for flashing purposes. In addition, we can mechanically attach EPDM to your roof via a propriety substrate. Or, Roofing Services Inc. Roofer Hero can use a completely adhered EPDM- which utilizes an aqueous solvent adhesive-to merge the rubber compound with the substrate. The choice is yours.

Thus, Roofing Services Inc. Roofer Hero highly recommends EPDM roofing systems due to their reliability, durability, flexibility, low-cost, ease of repair and application, non-emission, and resistance against elemental hazards.

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